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Swat 2. To protect and cast

We have but one aim and one single, irrevocable purpose. We are resolved to destroy Evil and every vestige of the Evil regime. From this nothing will turn us – nothing. We will never parley, we will never negotiate with Evil or any of his gang. We shall fight him by land, we shall fight him by sea, we shall fight him in the air, until with God’s help we have rid the earth of his shadow and liberated its peoples from his yoke. Our aim is to protect and cast.

Churchillius, Premier-Magister

Steam Speed

The Great Steampunk Race! Only the best of the best race steam trains have reached the final. Red Arrow accept a challenge of Iron Shark. Black villain is ready to do everything just to get to the finish line first. But his opponent is brave and courageous. Steam up your engines, gentlemen!

Sunny Bunnies on the moon

On the park lawn, the bunnies were playing.
With a big colorful beautiful ball.
Alas, disaster came! The Moon eclipsed the Sun!
And darkness sowed the fear in the eyes!
For there were both the light and heat.
They were here first, but now they’re gone!
The moon stands still. What is the reason?
Perhaps, the lunar drive is “made in China”?!

The bunnies jetted to the moon at once.
They want to bring the sun back to the earth.
The power house is hard to get into.
But not for those who are gay and varmint!
The gear-wheels are all in position, but nothing moves.
The problem should be solved without delay!
What will it be? The darkness or the light?
Just watch – and you will learn the answer!


The metropolitan hectic life was shattered to pieces when a Demon of shocking brutality took up his residence here. The city was captured… The locals were not able to fight the Demon’s magic force on their own. When they found a secret lair where he would spend his evenings smoking a cigar and thumbing through a book with the stories of his victories, SWAT was called to rescue….
SWAT is Special Wizards Assault Team. The best of the best battle mages. The enemies will have to be defeated! The honour of the city will have to be defended! Everything else is beside the point…


The Lagoon is a seedy saloon tucked away among the port hangars. I fell into this evil obscene world like into an open sewer hole. Only SHE and her dance were something special here. Apparently she was the star of the show, but who am I to judge… My business is to wait and hers – to dance…


There were four of them, two boys and two girls who came in 5D cinema. Have a good time and get new emotions. Nobody expected the movie started like this…

Sunny bunnies adventures

An early morning. The sun is rising. A beautiful amusement park bosomed in trees, but still totally empty. Who starts up the park, who brings joy and fun to it, who fills it with all colors of the rainbow? A team of sunny bunnies! Red, yellow, blue, purple, green – bright colors, bright emotions! One! And we will make an observation wheel spinning. Two! And horses on a merry-go-round will be cheerfully knocking with hooves. Three! We will swiftly dart through fire hoops in a circus. Four! We will go down a rollercoaster at a furious speed right into the water. Five! Now we will find ourselves in a mysterious cave and we will perform a secret ritual. And here we go! The evening sky will be painted with colorful fire of a fantastic firework! A day has passed merrily and light-heartedly. Good night, sunny bunnies.

Labyrinth of illusions

What can you see in a paint drop? Some will not see anything except for the drop itself. But others will see the whole world in it – an unbelievable and breathtaking one, the world where everything impossible is possible, where the beginning may be the end of the beginning itself, where every new drop is a new “enclosed” world level, where you are not one, where there is a lot of you, and at the same time you are absent from here, where your thoughts about this drop are not yours, but they are the thoughts of another you in the world of another drop where…

The X Zone

There is silent on air… A scientific space station in a galaxy far-far away can not establish contact for the second day….
Teleport. The station is safe and sound from the outside. Inside it is a complete mess, the gravitation is switched off. Then it becomes even worse: dead bodies of astronauts, lots of strange red pulsating tentacles… Hide, quickly! Some mechanic devices with blade-sharp tentacles damaged my scanners in just a couple of seconds and it looks like they want to do the same with me! Soon it gets clear – a huge spaceship with a giant monster stuck to out station and literally wolfed down everything that was alive. I will kill this beast, whatever it takes!

Road Rage

Inquisitor. As a judge of the medieval Inquisition, I am ruthless and implacable! To my opponents! To my enemies! There are no friends among people in this race. The constant friends are- reliable security, powerful engine, destructive weapon and accurate missiles! This is the island – prison. The island of civilized society dregs… For many hundreds of miles around – there is only cold water and heavy clouds. Sun never rises here.
I’m here, but I am innocent! And my only chance to get out of here – no, not experienced lawyers, hope in them is gone, my chance is to win this deadly race. Win and stay alive! Win and be free! Without options!