«Sunny bunnies adventures» - Stereo ride film for 5D attractions, action, for kids, 05:08, 2012.

An early morning. The sun is rising. A beautiful amusement park bosomed in trees, but still totally empty. Who starts up the park, who brings joy and fun to it, who fills it with all colors of the rainbow? A team of sunny bunnies! Red, yellow, blue, purple, green – bright colors, bright emotions! One! And we will make an observation wheel spinning. Two! And horses on a merry-go-round will be cheerfully knocking with hooves. Three! We will swiftly dart through fire hoops in a circus. Four! We will go down a rollercoaster at a furious speed right into the water. Five! Now we will find ourselves in a mysterious cave and we will perform a secret ritual. And here we go! The evening sky will be painted with colorful fire of a fantastic firework! A day has passed merrily and light-heartedly. Good night, sunny bunnies.