«Sunny Bunnies on the moon» - Stereo ride film for 5D attractions, action, for kids, 04:30, 2013.

On the park lawn, the bunnies were playing.
With a big colorful beautiful ball.
Alas, disaster came! The Moon eclipsed the Sun!
And darkness sowed the fear in the eyes!
For there were both the light and heat.
They were here first, but now they’re gone!
The moon stands still. What is the reason?
Perhaps, the lunar drive is “made in China”?!

The bunnies jetted to the moon at once.
They want to bring the sun back to the earth.
The power house is hard to get into.
But not for those who are gay and varmint!
The gear-wheels are all in position, but nothing moves.
The problem should be solved without delay!
What will it be? The darkness or the light?
Just watch – and you will learn the answer!