«Taxi Ride» - Stereo ride film for 5D attractions, comedy, 04:38, 2008.

«- Chief, two counters! I’m cashing you out, dear! Let’s go faster, I am late for the concert!!!»
«- Well, let’s go! Close the window, it is washing! You snooze, you lose, ha-ha! Well, you can become dry on the way!»
It would seem, the city of the future is plagued by traffic congestion! I can’t believe it! Let’s take the bypass, save a couple of minutes.
«- And what are that sirens and flashing lights, it seems for us. The cops! Lie down! Excellent, the danger is over!»
«Damn, where are we going! Taxi-driver! To meet the train!!! A-a-a!»
« “Don’t worry, guy! We can break through!» … , well, and don’t be scared, even bumper is not broken!
Just a couple of minutes, a couple of violations, and, lo and behold! We arrived!»